Welcome to the Electrochemical Energy Systems and Transport Laboratory (E2STL) in the Department of Mechanical Engineering at UMass Lowell. The core mission of E2STL is to advance the knowledge in the design and development of flow-assisted electrochemical systems for addressing the global challenges in energy and water applications.

News and Announcements

Ceren gave a presentation at the 2021 Materials Research Society Fall Meeting and Exhibit in Boston, MA – “High Energy Density Redox-Mediated Flow Batteries Using Bio-Inspired Electrolytes”. Our group contributed 3 presentations in collaboration with Cappillino Group from UMass Dartmouth.

Ceren and Ertan publish a paper in collaboration with Cappillino and Mayes Groups from UMass Dartmouth entitled “Computational and experimental investigation of the effect of cation structure on the solubility of anionic flow battery active-materials” in Chemical Science. Congrats!!!

As part of an interdisciplinary team from UMass Lowell, Ertan contributed to the report, entitled “The Viability of Implementing Hydrogen in Massachusetts”. The key results of this study were presented in “Future of Hydrogen for the Commonwealth of Massachusetts Workshop”.

Ertan visited Center for Clean Energy Engineering at UConn and gave an invited presentation featuring the projects our group has been carrying out on high-performance redox flow battery systems.

Ertan gave an invited talk in the Departmental Seminar Series of the Chemical and Petroleum Engineering at University of Calgary.

The E2STL team went to a dinner to celebrate recent graduations and welcome the new members of the group. It was great to get together after such a challenging year!

Congratulations to Joe Egitto for successfully defending his master’s thesis! Joe also received the Energy Engineering Outstanding Master Student Award!!! Joe is leaving the group to start his new career as an Enterprise Solutions Engineer at NECI (New England Controls). We wish him best of luck.

Ertan gave an invited talk on our lab’s flow battery projects in the Graduate Seminar Series of the Mechanical and Energy Engineering at Indiana University Purdue University Indianapolis.


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