Welcome to the Electrochemical Energy Systems and Transport Laboratory (E2STL) in the Department of Mechanical Engineering at UMass Lowell. The core mission of E2STL is to advance the knowledge in the design and development of flow-assisted electrochemical systems for addressing the global challenges in energy and water applications.

News and Announcements

The E2STL team went to a dinner to celebrate recent graduations and welcome the new members of the group. It was great to get together after such a challenging year!

Congratulations to Joe Egitto for successfully defending his master’s thesis! Joe also received the Energy Engineering Outstanding Master Student Award!!! Joe is leaving the group to start his new career as an Enterprise Solutions Engineer at NECI (New England Controls). We wish him best of luck.

Ertan gave an invited talk entitled “Toward High Performance Redox Flow Batteries for Grid-Scale Energy Storage” in the Graduate Seminar Series of the Mechanical and Energy Engineering at Indiana University Purdue University Indianapolis.

Ertan gave a presentation on the non-aqueous redox flow battery project at the I Meeting on Electrochemical Energy Conversion and Storage Devices organized by the University Carlos III of Madrid.

Ceren and Ertan publish a paper in collaboration with Cappillino and Mayes Groups from UMass Dartmouth entitled “Designing high energy density flow batteries by tuning active-material thermodynamics” in RSC Advances. Congrats!!!

We are excited about having Sundar Rajan on our team. Sundar joins our group as a Postdoctoral Scholar from Case Western Reserve University. Welcome to Sundar!!!

We are excited to announce that our research proposal in collaboration with Prof. Fuqiang Liu and Prof. Xinfang Jin on High Energy Density Flow Batteries for Naval Installations on Shore and Shipboard Applications has been funded by the Office of Naval Research (ONR). Congratulations to the team!!!

PhD Student Position

Electrochemical Energy Systems and Transport Lab (E2STL) is looking for a PhD student to work on an electrode development project for redox flow batteries. Electrochemistry background is a plus. If interested, please contact Prof. Ertan Agar.


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