We are an interdisciplinary team who is passionate about research in electrochemical energy systems. Currently, PhD student positions are available in our group to work on exciting projects related to redox flow batteries. If you are interested please contact Dr. Agar with your CV. We look forward to working with you!!!

Dr. Sundar Rajan Aravamuthan

Postdoctoral Researcher

  • Postdoctoral Scholar, Case Western Reserve University, Dept. of Chemical Eng.
  • Postdoctoral Scholar, Uni. of Southern California, Loker Hydrocarbon Research Inst.
  • Ph.D. in Chemistry, Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore, India


Tugba Ceren Gokoglan Barut

Ph.D. Student (Energy Engineering)

Thesis: Non-aqueous redox flow batteries with mushroom-inspired electrolytes for grid-scale energy storage


Sergio Freeman

Ph.D. Student (Energy Engineering)

Thesis: On the need of energy storage for grid resiliency and reliability in New England


Shabdiki Chaurasia

Ph.D. Student (Energy Engineering)

Thesis: Dual-Layer Energy Storage: Combining Redox Flow Batteries with Renewable Hydrogen Generation on Demand 


Ashley Caiado

B.Sc. Student (Mechanical Engineering)

Research: Investigating property/function/performance relationship of carbon cloth electrodes for aqueous flow batteries



Dr. Mahnaz Nourani

Ph.D. Mechanical Engineering – Spring 2020

Current Position: Battery Algorithm Development Engineer at Apple

Thesis: Understanding critical factors underpinning electrode degradation in vanadium redox flow batteries


Joe Egitto

M.Sc. Energy Engineering – Spring 2021

Current Position: Enterprise Solutions Engineer at NECI

Thesis: High energy density redox-mediated flow batteries with a bio-inspired electrolyte


Eduardo Cartagena

B.Sc. Chemical Engineering – Spring 2021

Current Position: Battery Development Engineer at General Motors

Research: Investigating the reaction kinetics of mushroom-inspired vanadium compounds for non-aqueous flow batteries


Zach Traverso

M.Sc. Energy Engineering – Spring 2020

Current Position: Energy Trading Analyst at Enel Green Power

Research: Exploring the product-to-market fit exploration for bio-inspired RFBs


Andrew Hamel

B.Sc Student (Chemical Engineering)

Research: Spectro-electrochemical characterization of flow battery electrolytes


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